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Child’s Talent

$AVE BIG On Early 

Education Fees

Dear Parents,

Raising a child in developed countries like Singapore can be a very costly affair, especially when you want to nurture your child’s potential with enrichment classes.

In fact, based on calculations, it will cost around $175,000 to start raising a child in Singapore from infancy. This includes mainly medical fees for pregnancy and delivery, childcare services, education costs from pre-school etc.

But here's the real kicker: 

This sum will easily skyrocket when you start your child on enrichment classes. And that is when the horror of wasted time, effort and money starts.

But it is not their fault. 

They were just simply unware of how they can discover their child's innate talents right from the very start.

Just imagine this for yourself: 

Instead of doing the trial-and-error approach like most parents... 

What if there’s a faster, accurate and more cost-effective method to groom your child in the right direction?

What if you could identify your child's strengths and nurture the talents he/she possesses, and build a strong foundation for him/her right from the very start?

Not only will you be able to save time and money... your strategy in tackling your child's "lack of interest" would be different. 

For example, instead of simply letting your child give up and try a different enrichment class each time he loses interest, you would be looking into what is the real cause for his disinterest - like using a different teaching style or change his learning environment.

Listen, it is time to stop wasting your hard-earned money with trial-and-error approach.

You see, most of the time, it is a trial-and-error journey where you are constantly playing a guessing game to discover your child’s passion and hidden talents.

Most Singaporean parents start their child with piano / dance / swimming lessons, which can easily go up to $800 or more a month. Some may even enroll their child for 2 - 3 types of lessons at the same time.

But the thing is, it is common for children to be fickle-minded about their interests, which come and go as quick as the wind. It is also common for children not to show hints of their talents until they are much older.

And most of the time, parents end up flushing thousands of dollars and feel frustrated about why their child cannot excel in a certain area. Worse, this cycle repeats as they continue spending every extra dollar on yet another enrichment class, hoping to nail it on the next one...

Only to realise that such trial-and-error approach in nurturing their child’s potential is not only ineffective, but also damaging to the parent-child relationship.

Stop wasting your hard-earned money

with trial-and-error approach

It is time to stop wasting unnecessary time and money without knowing where you are heading.

It is time for you to take back control of your parenting approach and zero in on your child’s strengths and start building a strong foundation for their future success.

Dubbed the “Short Cut” parenting method by scientists, you can now identify your child's genetic talents with 99% accuracy and have the opportunity to fast track your child to success!


Map My Gene

Founded since 2009, Map My Gene specializes in genetic testing.

Using Inborn Talent Genetic Test (ITGT), we help parents like yourselves to discover your child’s hidden talents that may not be obvious at a young age.

It also reveals some personality traits that your child may possess, based on his/her genetic make-up.

Knowing your child’s hidden talents will help you take control and maximize the development of your child.

Besides helping you to focus on key areas to unleash your child’s potential, you are also able to intervene early to tackle problems with your child before they become difficult to reverse.

This profile serves as a reliable roadmap for you to plan your child’s path towards educational and career success.

Hear What Satisfied Parents

Say About ITGT

The Test Has Helped Me Understand My Daughter Better

The test results very accurately affirmed some of the traits my daughter has already been displaying like the various artistic ones, but it also highlighted others that I hadn’t noticed before. I’m sure as she gets older, she will display more of the strong traits that the test was mapped out.

What really helps is that, now that I’m armed with this knowledge, I know how to enhance her activities accordingly and what to look out for in the future. The test report also has detailed advice for me to nurture her talents without pushing her too much and allowing her to grow in her time.

All in all, this has helped me understand my daughter better in a very scientific way and for that, I’m very grateful.

Jamie Yeo

Gold 90.5FM Radio hostess


A Clearer Direction for Me as a Parent

I recently had my kids undergo the Inborn Talent Gene Test at Map My Gene. I was very interested in the test because of my background as an artist and my husband an architect.

As a parent, I would very much want to find out my kids’ field of interest and talents, but the problem is that kids oftentimes are confused in what they really like and good at, let alone parents like us who are trying to find it out through observation.

What I really like about the test is that the report comes with a Career Profiling assessed based on your child’s unique abilities detected from the gene test, it really gives full details about your child!

Moreover, the report is very detailed that includes the child’s character, memory ability, reading ability, drawing, music and dancing aptitudes. It even shows if your child has athletic talents.

As a result, I now understand my children better and am able to focus on developing talents of Kahlia and Arsa, my beloved children!

Agatha Suci

Mother of 2 and finalist of Indonesian Idol 2004

Jakarta, Indonesia

What Makes Map My Gene (ITGT) The #1 Choice For Parents?

Extremely Accurate and Valid

By leveraging on cutting-edge technology to conduct genetic testing, you can be assured that your child’s test results are scientifically proven and 99% accurate. Test results have also met stringent standards of validity, consistency, and accuracy. Also, your child’s test results will generally be valid over his/her entire lifetime.

Comprehensive Results Coverage

With 46 Talents and Traits in our Inborn Genetic Talent Test (ITGT), you will have access to all the essential information about your child in a single, comprehensive test report. This saves you money from having to take any other extra tests.

Integrated Solution

After the gene test, we also offer practical recommendations and professional advice through genetic counseling. This will provide you with the necessary action steps required to start grooming your child based on his/her innate talents and personality traits.

Easy, Painless, Fuss Free

It takes less than 1 minute to do a pain-free mouth swab - which is done in the comfort of your home. Following which, you will be guided on how to send the sample to Map My Gene's laboratory, where it will be accessed and analysed. 

Common Myths of Genetic Testing

That Prevent Parent And Child From

Achieving The Best Results

Myth #1: It is not important to know the inherent talents or personality traits of my child

Myth #2: My child is still so young. We don’t think it is necessary to do any genetic testing.

Myth #3: The process of genetic testing may not be safe for children and there might also be health/medical risks and side effects.

Truth: Genetic testing is a painless and non-invasive procedure that does not involve surgery or blood. Thus, there is no known health or medical risk involved. There are also no known side effects. Therefore, you can rest assured that this procedure is extremely safe and harmless.

Truth: Most skills required a lot of planning to build the right foundation at the right time during the "growth spurts" ages. The earlier you know your child’s talents, the earlier and better you can plan for your child’s grooming. If you miss out on these window of

opportunity, your child may need to put in extra effort and time to play catch-up with 

his peers.

Truth: Instead of wasting money on trying out different enrichment classes and struggling to convince your child to continue trying at it, you can now be more focused and zoom into specific types of enrichment classes that will reap the most rewards, based on your child’s natural talent. Not only that, you will also have a different strategy in tackling his talents' development.

Effective Parenting & Development Approach

Instantly Transform Your Parenting Style & Enjoy The Benefits It Brings To You & Your Child

Big Savings

Happier Parent-Child Relationship

With genetic profiling through Map My Gene, you will feel confident in your planning for your child’s future career path because you have concrete information to work with so you will never need to second-guess your choices again.

With the certainty of your child’s innate abilities, you know where to put your money and can focus more resources on the aspects that truly matter to develop your child’s full potential. This way, you also do not need to spend money on enrichment classes that have little impact on your child’s growth

When you child has a natural flair for something, e.g. music, he/she will enjoy going for music-related enrichment classes and develop a genuine, sustainable interest for that area. Without much need for discipline and motivation, it reduces any frustration and resentment, which leads to a happier relationship with your child.

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Hear What Satisfied Parents

Say About ITGT

Map My Gene’s Inborn Talent Gene Test is Extremely Accurate

The Gene Test result shows that my child’s IQ is excellent, but he is very weak in sports which I totally agree. My son is always No.1 in class in terms of studies but he can’t perform well in sports despite his fondness in sports.

Experts suggest in his DNA report that he will perform well as a lawyer or a doctor due to his high scores in his comprehension, analytical, memory and IQ genes. I find the test very useful in my child’s future choice of education.

Although my child loves sports, I would rather develop my child from his strength and talents than from his weakness because I don’t want to spend unnecessary money and his time to develop him from areas that he is weak in. It requires more effort and resources to achieve that.

After all, what I want for my son is success and winning, not failure. He still can enjoy sports as a form of exercise or hobby but they are definitely not his educational and career choices.

Thanks to this wonderful Inborn Talent & Traits Gene Test which provides a clear direction for my son and myself so that I don’t have to go through the phase of confusion when it comes to educating and nurturing my son because the future of my child is very important!

Mdm Ho



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